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Welcome to New Vision Specialist Eye CLINIC
We do provide high quality eye care through
  1. Medical treatment
  2. Optical corrections
  3. Surgical interventions
  4. Professional counseling
Once you have stepped in you will be received by the welcoming smile of our staffs at reception and get a friendly assistance throughout your consultation. You need to follow four simple steps: Registration, Visual acuity measurement and triage, Refraction and lastly to be attended by our consultant ophthalmologist to complete your consultation.

Our robust working systems will ensure you the shortest possible time spent at NVSEC, get the best treatment and be left with time to go and catch up with your other businesses
Medical treatment
In medical treatment we do provide to the client and their care taker adequate information on how to correctly apply or take the medicines, possible side effects and how to manage them whenever they happened. We do have a wide array of medicinal products to effectively manage different types of eye diseases.
Optical corrections
We do have the right equipments to correctly perform refraction and diagnose different types of refractive errors and treat them accordingly.
Surgical interventions
urgical services are available every Saturday: We perform both intra ocular and extra ocular surgeries, common surgical procedures are
Cataract surgeries using Phaco emulsification technique
Glaucoma surgeries to control eye pressure Cornea repairs and lots more.

All our surgeries are day care procedures, thus a patient comes from home get operated and go back home.

We do have a very efficient post operative protocol to ensure that all our surgical clients’ healing is as good as expected.

In summary, our surgical care lies on the fundamentals of client safety first,use of advanced surgical techniques with optimal technologies, provision of surgical procedures in sterile and calm environment and competitive surgical procedure prices affordable to majority of our clients.